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The Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator by LifeChoice Model XYC100B with External Battery Pack - SKU 30032
You can now have an oxygen concentrator that is under <4.9 pounds that can be used 24/7/365 days a year and at a setting of 2, can go for 6 hours with the External Battery Pack ( Included ). With the new Auto Mode Technology the need of oxygen for nocturnal use or active use is done automatically for you by monitoring your respiration rate. The Activox produces the equivalent of 1 to 3 on a Pulse Dose new wave technology. is virtually maintenance free. The only maintenance the Activox requires is wiping the intake vent grille with a Q-Tip if it appears dirty. The Activox portable oxygen concentrator is FAA Approved. With a 3 Year Limited Warranty. Now bring your Activox with you to make traveling a breeze. The Activox is approved for planes, trains, buses, and cruise ships. Traveling has just become much easier for anyone in need of a reliable and lightweight oxygen source. Prescription is Required.

Here are some Excellent Video's about the Activox and using Pulse Dose Technology. Have questions just Give us a Call: 1-866-832-4549.

  • Just 4.8 Lbs. and designed to run 24/7/365
  • Small Size: 9.0 x 7.8 x 4.3
  • Pulse Dose Wave Technology Settings from 1 to 3
  • Up to 6 Hours of run time @ a setting of 2
    (Both Batteries-included)
  • Auto Mode: Tracks your respiration rate
  • Easy touch keyboard controls
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • FAA Approved for airline travel, trains and cruises
  • With Sleep Mode, that increases pulse sensitivity
  • Quiet, less than 41 DB
  • Universal Power, 100-240 A/C 50/60 Hz. and 11-16 Volts DC (Auto)
  • Deluxe 4 way carrying case that converts from
    shoulder to backpack
  • 3 Year limited warranty by LifeChoice
  • Free Shipping Continental United States

CALL TODAY: 1-866-832-4549 (Toll Free) for our current low price and knowledgeable customer service.
Activox by LifeChoice Model XYC100B    FAA Approved and Free Shipping (Continental United States) - SKU 30032

Activox Specifications:
POWER Power Consumption Equivalent to a 40-watt light bulb AC Power Supply AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto sensing to allow worldwide use) DC Power Supply 12-19v DC Power for Use in Cars, Boats, RVs, etc. Battery Weight (Approximate) Internal = NA (Included in weight of concentrator) Optional External = 2.2 Pounds Battery Run Times (Average) Internal = 12-Hours on Setting 1, 6-Hours on Setting 2, or 5-Hours on Setting 3 (Optional) External Battery = 3-Hours on Settings 1 & 2; 2-Hours on Setting 3 Battery Recharge Times (Average) Internal = 4 Hours (Optional) External = 3 Hours Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) WARRANTY Concentrator 3-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty Sieve Bed 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty Internal & (Optional) External Battery 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Activox Accessories

Activox battery
Activox External Battery Pack, Model XYC479 - SKU 31049 
  Just: $ 389.95  QTY:

Ac Adapter
LifeChoice and Activox AC Adapter, Model XYC103AC - SKU 31050
  Just: $ 59.95  QTY:

DC adapter
Activox DC Adapter, Model XYC104DC - SKU 31051
  Just: $ 59.95  QTY:

Acc Bag
Activox Accessory Bag, Model XYC340 - SKU-31052
  Just: $ 39.95  QTY:

Carry Case
Activox Carry Case with Straps, Model XYC105 - SKU 31053 
  Just: $ 64.95  QTY: