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Welcome to Tri-Med's Buyers Club for Veterans
Want to Save Money on all your Respiratory Needs !
Specializing in Respiratory Equipment and Supplies since 1995

Buyers Club Logo

Tri-Med specializes in a Full line of Respiratory Equipment and Supplies since 1995 and is an Authorized Dealer for all the Equipment sold on this web site.
Tri-Med has created the Veterans Buyers Club as a way to say thank you for your service to our country.
*To that end we have created our Buyers Club for Veterans. Allowing you to save 5 % or more on all Purchases from our web site. Heres How.

1. Why Join Tri-Med's Buyers Club for Veterans!

You get a discount on any item purchased from our web site, any item. Including specials, clearance items, special promotions or quotes. Sorry there is NO DISCOUNT on SHIPPING. If it is sold on our web site get 5% off, No Limits, Any Quantity. You can save hundreds of dollars per year, every year on all your Respiratory Equipment and Supplies for a Life Time, Yes, I said Life Time. **Note: For Veterans ONLY.

Here is an Example:

You want to purchased an oxygen concentrator. That Costs $ 650.00, our discount price.

You are a member of the Tri-Med's Buyers Club for Veterans, so you save 5% on all your purchases.

Put your CODE that we sent you via E-Mail, into the shopping cart, Click Update.

You get a Savings of $ 32.50 OFF your Purchase.

Your NEW Total Cost is NOW :  $ 614.50 with free S/H.

2. What's the Catch !

Simple, pay a small None Refundable one time fee $ 5.00 to cover setting up your account, Send us a copy of your Veterans ID Card to Qualify Via E-Mail or Fax. Allow us to send you E-Mails  about Specials, Clearance Items, Updates, News letters about the latest technologies and new products for your Respiratory Needs. That is it. If you elect to make a purchase from one of our E-Mail specials or web specials, you get 5% off the Specials price, just put in your Coupon Code at check out in our Shopping Cart and get savings with a click of the mouse.

3. What Else do I Get !

Our famous customer service on every item we sell.
A: Need warranty service CALL US: 1-866-832-4549. We handle all the paper work, call the manufacturer for you, get you the RMA # ( Return Materials Authorization ), if applicable find you a local service center if available. Track your Repair to make sure it is done in a timely manner.
B: Our Pledge to you, you will get the latest, NEW Equipment with FULL factory warranty. No Open Boxes, Demo, only used one time, Rebuilt by Ed in the Back Room, Etc.
Get Equipment and Supplies that complies with FDA and FAA Regulations and backed up by a manufacturers warranty, nation wide. You will get what you paid for.
C: We have found that about 90% of all issues can be fixed over the phone ! Just call our Toll Free Number: 1-866-832-4549. We will help you with your problem with experienced people, Not a Sales Person. If we do not know the answer or solution, we will find out for you. That's our job, service after the sale.
D: Get warranty service 24/7 via E-mail. Use our warranty request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
E: Get first notice on Factory Specials, Discounts and use your Veteran Coupon Code to save even more.

4. How Does it Work !

A: Quite simple, Click on the Add to Cart Icon below. Send us a copy of your Veterans ID Card to Qualify Via E-mail or Fax before you make your purchase ( See Right Side Panel ). Start Saving Money instantly with the code we sand you via E-Mail with full instructions.
B: Now every time you make a purchase on our web site for any item, put your Code in our Cart, click update, the Cart will reduce the price by 5% .
C: If making a purchase from an E-Mail Tri-Med Quote, your quote will have a link so you can purchase online. Just click on the special link in your E-mail quote to make your purchase.
D: Want to place your order by Phone ! Sorry only online purchases qualify.
E: There is No Discount On Shipping.

Tri-Med's Buyers Club for Veterans - Life Time Membership - SKU - VETBuyersClub:  Just: $ 5.00    Add to Cart 

You MUST Send Us a copy of your Veterans ID Card to Qualify, click on the E-mail link on the right side of this page or Fax to: 1-877-496-1646 Toll Free.
Your code will then be sent to your E-mail address AFTER we receive a copy of your Card with full instructions.

*ALL Purchases are subject tothe Terms of Sale as stated on this web site. **The buyers club for Veterans is for Veterans ONLY, No Dealers.